Being told there is a problem with your heart is worrying. At the Chiltern Hills Heart Clinic we aim to provide a comprehensive service providing first and foremost an expert opinion from Dr Punit Ramrakha, reassurance where appropriate, and up-to-date treatment for your heart condition where necessary.

You can book a consultation with Dr Ramrakha at the Chiltern Hills Heart Clinic based at the BMI Chiltern Hospital, Great Missenden. The clinic offers a wide range of appointment times and is well equipped, enabling Dr Ramrakha to offer many diagnostic tests during the consultation such as an ECG, echocardiogram, exercise ECG or monitors, saving repeat visits wherever possible.

Patient choice is important to us, so if London is more convenient for you, we can make special arrangements for Dr Ramrakha to see you in the private wing of the Hammersmith Hospital.

It may be appropriate to have certain investigations prior to the consultation e.g. an ambulatory ECG monitor if you are suffering from palpitations. Please contact the Practice Secretary to discuss your requirements. Your GP can arrange this by faxing our Referral Form to the clinic and we will contact you to arrange the test prior to your consultation.

There is a Consultant Cardiologist available (either in person or on the telephone) at the Chiltern Hills Heart Clinic throughout the week, and available on the telephone out of hours, to offer advice to GPs for urgent cases.

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