Investigation of Unexplained Blackouts


Unexplained blackouts are still a clinical problem because symptoms are intermittent and unexpected.

Ambulatory ECG monitors do not always provide the answer.  Longer-term monitoring can be carried out using the Medtronic Reveal® Implantable Monitor.  This small device is a revolutionary breakthrough for the investigation of patients with fainting attacks or other transient symptoms such as unexplained recurrent palpitations, light headedness, or dizziness, and may offer new hope by providing answers that can lead to effective treatment.  Dr Ramrakha can fit the device locally at the BMI Shelburne Hospital.  Further details can be found on our website here.  An exciting new development is the announcement of an even smaller, injectable device with complete monitoring system which will be available in the future.  We will post an update as soon as we know more.

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