Heart Disease


When people talk about heart disease, a heart attack is usually the first thing they think of. A heart attack (also called a myocardial infarction) tends to be sudden, severe and intense pain in the chest and the effects can be dramatic. A heart attack is caused by damage to an area of the heart due to a lack of blood supply.

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At the Chiltern Hills Heart Clinic we aim to provide a rapid and thorough service for the investigation of patients with suspected cardiac disease. Dr Ramrakha and his team provide comprehensive screening for patients to help exclude any serious heart complaint as well as state-of-the-art testing for patients with cardiac conditions such as those listed below.

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Being told there is a problem with your heart is worrying. At the Chiltern Hills Heart Clinic we aim to provide a comprehensive service providing first and foremost an expert opinion from Dr Punit Ramrakha, reassurance where appropriate, and up-to-date treatment for your heart condition where necessary.

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Types of Heart Disease

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